Security Phone Compatible With Video Doorphone Systems

M1607BCR Güvenlik Telefonu
M1607BCR Güvenlik Telefonu şema

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• 7” touch LCD display has a high resolution
• Surveillance of the door bell with actual time or the CCTV camera
• Simple DVR functions which bear motion detection properties
• Automatic message leaving
• Possibility to call to monitors inside the apartment
• Saving the pictures that were taken either on the built-in memory or on the SD card
• Multimedia functions: photo review, playing music
• Adjustable brightness, contrast and colour
• List record that contains the names of the inhabitants of the apartment; the name of the concrete inhabitant is shown upon calling to
• Video and audio recording
• Handset design, clear sound
• Alarm clock and calendar
• Lock control
• Surface mounting

CE available

Operating voltage: 100-240V~ 50/60Hz

Operating temperature: 0°C +40°C

Guaranty: 2 years

Color monitor


Door opener


Panel display