Multi system 7” TFT-LCD color handsfree video doorphone

M2307ADT 7" Renkli Görüntülü Diafon
M2307ADT 7" Renkli Görüntülü Diafon şema

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• 7” colour, LCD display has a high resolution
• Various types of language options upon request, use-friendly interface
• Touch keys differ in quick detection properties
• External door panel and CCTV camera inspection properties
• Adjustable brightness, contrast, colour and sound settings
• Possibility to talking amongst monitors
• ‘’Do not disturb’’ option is available
• Lock control
• Possibility to connect additional monitors (max. 3 pieces)
• Possibility to connect additional panels (max. 1 piece)
• Possibility to connect CCTV (2 pieces)
• 12 types of polyphonic ring tones are available
• OSD menu
• Visualization of doors front side
• Call orientation

CE available

Operating voltage: 15VDC

Operating temperature: 0°C +50°C

Guaranty: 2 years

Color monitor

Door panel + CCTV

Door opener

OSD menu

Privacy call

Panel display