Visual Communications Systems

It is important to take place in the flow sincerely while the life goes on with its richness. The lives are being enriched through being in touch Understand, See, Hear, Feel. The products of Na-De in touch series enable interactive communications with life..

Sensors and Sensor-Lighting Armatures

The association of intelligence, sensitivity and the right timing bring comfort and reassurance. This association is being carried to the habitat by Na-De in sense products which are representative of distinction and selectivity. At same time Na-De in sense products are tools of comfort and convenience.

Fire Sensing Systems

It is extremely important to provide security before small sparks turn into big fire. The unlikely event of a fire, warning system that activates Na-De in fire safety products provide vital.

Lighting Armatures

To trend to light and to reflect the light to life are fundamental human endeavor. While progress in bright with every step, confidence success and happiness are being sensed sincerely. The products of Na-De in Light which illuminate the life, are guranty of bright days.

Door and Apartment Systems

Every moment is a harbinger of the next one and the door of life is always ready to embrace all the moments. Na-De in door products are always with you to meet the future delightedly.

About Na-De

With half a century of experience in the lighting industry and sensors, Na-De tries to meet the needs of its customers with ideal solutions for every sector.

Lighting, which was only a human need in the past, has now evolved into a very different dimension in human life aesthetically. Technologically, the product range, which exceeded expectations, enabled the lighting industry to grow and develop on its own. Whether lighting or building management and communication systems, the development of interconnected products that create more comfort space for people has come to the fore. One of the companies trying to close this gap by developing its product range is Na-De, a brand that is 50 years old and has a significant place in its sector. Although it is the first local sensor manufacturer, it increases its capacity every year with its innovative product range that steers the technology. There are waterproof luminaires, slim LED panels, sensor lighting and sensors, emergency lighting and routing fixtures, linear lighting products in indoor lighting. On the outdoor lighting side, it tries to respond to the demands of customers at the maximum level with a wide range of products in landscape designs with solar lighting, projectors, street fixtures, wallwashers and spot lawn lighting options. In fire detection systems and Intercom video building systems, products are also produced for the needs of the market, as well as lighting solutions for all needs from price boards in fuel stations to interior lighting and sensors in the fuel sector.

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